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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  February 3, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. right now at 6:00, a year and a half old murder case may now be solved. police make an arrest in the death of a 22-year-old woman in port richmond. why the victim's father says this is not over. plus, a show of solidarity. why members of many faiths came together today in the simple message they want to share. ♪ happening right now in delaware, remembering a hero tonight. the community is gathering for a vigil to honor the corrections sergeant who died in the smyrna prison standoff. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm chris o'connell. >> i'm dawn timmeney. 47-year-old sergeant steven floyd called a hero for saving fellow corrections officers as the inmates took control early
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wednesday. fox 29's brad sat tip is in smyrna where a candlelight vigil is just about to get started. brad? >> reporter: dawn, it is about to get started. organizers initially thinking maybe a few dozen people would be here. but i'm going to guess already at least a couple hundred maybe several hundred just arriving with candles to get started we're understanding that the governor john carney as well as senator tom carper may be here. the corrections commissioner and others. again, much bigger than they initially thought as they quickly put this together just a chance obviously for officers and the community to grieve together for this 47-year-old corrections officer. sergeant steven floyd. he was found dead as we've been talking about now for a few days. he was found dead at the prison yesterday morning following that almost 20-hour standoff leaving behind a wife, three children and grandchildren. he was credited with saving lives when the incident happened by warning other officers to stay away, that it was a trap by inmates. well last year, he was honored
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with the warden's award for outstanding performance. he was a 16 year veteran of the correctional facility and certainly we had a chance a short time ago to talk to his fellow officers a few of them who will obviously miss him. >> he's a goodman. he's a good sergeant. um, he was there for his people. he helped -- he help everybody in the prison. um, that's the type of person he was. >> this is not something that he deserved, you know, he deserved so much more than the way he was treated, and we're hoping that, you know, we see justice in this situation and but for right now, we're more focused on honoring him today. >> reporter: we are expecting a short candlelight vigil we're told only about 15 or so minutes here at the park. there are obviously lots of questions about what exactly happened. questions about the conditions of that facility, but tonight, of course, it is all about this fallen officer. folks are just beginning to arrive for this can lyle vigil. of course we'll have full recap for you coming up tonight at ten and 11:00. guys. >> brad, thanks.
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our thoughts and prayers to the family of that department tonight. well, police in hatfield township are looking for these guys. they say they walked into a kohl's department store on the 2300 block of welsh road, loaded some merchandise into a shopping bag and tried to walk out. according to police, on their way out of the store, they spilled a bag and a police officer tried to pick it up much that's when one of the suspects pushed him and punched him in the chest. police say they did get away with about $700 in stolen goods. if you recognize them or that vehicle, they got away, call police. it is a murder that has garnered national attention. a man shot and killed a mother right in front of her two-year-old in port richmond and tonight more than a year and a half later, a suspect is behind bars. fox 29's dave kinchen is live at physical police headquarters tonight with this update. dave? >> reporter: we can tell you family members say that they actually came across the suspect before even at the victim's funeral. >> she got what she deserved,
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man. she got her justice. if there's anything on this world she deserved, she deserved justice. >> reporter: boyfriend of 22-year-old stephanie expressing relief that her suspected killer james jones is now charged a year and a half after her murd murder. >> this is a big, big, like, weight off our chest because we got the guy, but it dope bring her back. it's still sad. >> it's one of my closest cousins that i actually, you know, grew up with and stuck with. i have so many cousins and for the fact that, upping, i don't keep in touch with them and stephanie was the only one it hurts even more. >> reporter: philadelphia police announcing friday that 28-year-old jones was charged with criminal homicide burglary and robbery after investigators say he shot stephanie in the head in her room on the 3,000 block of aramingo avenue on jul. >> it bothers me every day. my daughter got to grow up without a mom now, you know.
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>> say how are you? >> how are you? >> precious two-year-old daughter clarissa shown with her mother in this video posted on facebook just days before her murder. investigators say the little girl was in the same room with stephanie when she was shot. >> i look at clarissa every day and just looking at her it's a spitting image of what stephanie is -- what stephanie was. >> reporter: national tv program crime watch daily which airs on a local station featured the story airing images of a person of interest. cops say that created numerous tips that led to jones who stephanie new according to friends and family. >> and i said it when i first got interviewed that the man was probably around giving us condolences. probably around giving us a shoulder to cry on and like he really cared and he didn't. >> reporter: in the tv program stephanie's family alleges her boyfriend sean had a role in the killing. stephanie's dad told me off camera today that this is not finish. i asked sean about that suspicion. >> whoever said i was the
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perpetrator, they are so sorry right now. they got all the neglect their face right now. >> reporter: the remaining question tonight is why. why did this happen? family and friends say they still don't have that crucial answer. back to you. >> thanks, dave. chilling moments caught on surveillance video watch this man carrying a baby girl in her car seat. philadelphia police say he stole a car with that baby inside. this all happening in south philly eighth and mckeon the mom had left her daughter just for few seconds after the suspect stole the car, he stopped three blocks away and left that baby on the sidewalk. luckily that baby is back with her mom tonight. but police are still looking for the suspect. now paris where we have just learned that the suspect in the this morning' as tack at the louvre museum was a tourist visiting france. authorities say the suspect citizen of the united arab emerates attacked french soldiers with ma set team she was shot several times by police
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and is still alive. right now a terror investigation is underway and police are carrying out raids all over paris. the paris incident and others before it put muslims under a microscope. around the world and here at home. fox 29's bruce gordon spent the day at an inter faith prayer service which philadelphians sent a clear message to the local muslim community we've got your back. >> reporter: the delaware valley is home to some 200,000 adherence to the islamic faith. on this day, at the muslim-american society on east luzerne, midday prayer service was preceded by a reminder, that muslims have friends among all the religions of the world. >> they we may worship god differently, at the end of the day, we all worship the same g god. and what unites us is more powerful than the things that divide us. >> reporter: at a time of religious based terror attacks and the broad brush condemnation they provoke, this inter faith
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service was designed to assure the broader community that muslims here will not be scapegoated. >> and i encourage that this community and our community of christians -- christianity have enjoyed each other and we trust that we continue to enjoy each other for many years to come. >> islam phobia is no different than anti semitism. it divides people. >> reporter: the service comes less than week after crowds jammed the airport in philadelphia and others around the nation to protest the trump administration's temporary ban on travel to the u.s. from seven muslim majority countries. >> how did it make you feel to see those protesters there. >> it make me feel really good. makefield people felt a lot better. >> you felt like someone had your back so to speak. >> that's correct. >> reporter: at the inter faith service, 25th district police officials heaped praise on the local muslim community for its support and cooperation. and mayor kenney offered words
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of optimism for those in including children dealing with neighbors who view them with fear and suspicion. >> i am telling you, we will get through this. >> we will. >> we will get throughs this. we've gotten through world wars. we've gotten through many things. we will get through this. we'll come out the other end better off for it. >> reporter: president trump insists that temporary travel ban is not a slap at muslims but this morning in the wake of the paris incident he tweeted a new radical islamic terrorist has just attacked in lieu museum in paris. tourists were locked down. france on edge again. get smart u.s. >> chris? all right, bruce, thanks. new developments to night in the federal racketeering case against mob boss joey merlino. federal prosecutors are asking a judge in new york city to try merlino and 11 others first. 46 defendants were indicted in the case last august. prosecutors want to hold four separate files merlino faces racketeering, health care fraud and other charges. now to your fox 29 weather
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authority. as we take a live look at trenton. it is the first friday. the first friday of february to be exact. so what can we expect for tonight and the weekend? let's check in with meteorologist scott williams. i know a bit of roller coaster but i see those big bold letters cold, scott. >> yeah, that is really going to be the trend as we move toward tonight. the upcoming weekend temperatures well below average that cold air is rushing in right now toward our area. in fact take look at the temperatures right now in philadelphia 33 degrees. you factor in that wind, it feels like 23 degrees. so that's how you should dress if you're stepping out for your friday evening plans. it feels like eight in the poconos. it feels like 19 in pottstown. it feels like 27 in wildwood. so the bottom line, bundle up, dress in layers temperatures falling pretty fast. your entire weekend and super bowl forecast coming up. back over to you. >> all right, scott, thanks. he's the boyertown native about to play in the super bowl. something he's teamed of since he was a kid. his advise to young people
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hoping to follow in his footsteps. >> one of the crazy yesterday philadelphia traditions of course is wing bowl. just how many wings did the winner manage to chow down before most people were even up and dressed this morning? ♪
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♪ if you heave you leave. you know what i'm talking about. tradition that is not for the faint of heart continued in south philadelphia today. yes it is of course the 25th annual wing bowl. held at the wells fargo center for the first time in two decades the winner was from pennsylvania. 59-year-old guy, bob the notorious beast. ate a staggering 409 chicken wings to take the title of wing bowl champion. for his efforts he gets to take home $10,000. a hyundai sante fe an harley davidson. not bad now to the other end of the philly culture spectrum. today we're getting a sneak peek what's to come of the museum of the american revolution. fresco user and fellow
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journalist rob dirienzo showing his crews working on hanging a large painting there. this depicts george washington and french general bow at the siege of yorktown. it's a happened painted 19th century copy of french artist. it will be hung at the top of the museum's grand staircase that museum opens in old city april 19th. >> pretty cool. >> we are just two days away from the super bowl and if you're eagles fan and aren't sure who to root for there are a couple guys taking the kneeled on sunday right from our area. >> fox 29 photojournalist bill rohrer introduces us to one native in houston this weekend. ♪ >> reporter: while most cameras behind up around tom brady and bill belicheck i set out to talk to new england patriot and boyertown high school's own james devin. >> that's writ all started. >> boyertown high school where he grew up as eagles fan.
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rooting against patriots super bowl 39. >> i remember watching eagles back in 2004. unfortunately -- super bowl was a great day growing up and it still is. one of the biggest spectacles in sports and it's an honor and privilege to be part of of it now. >> his love of football and the dream of playing in the super bowl started on this field. seventh grade football coach couldn't be more proud. >> to show a small guy from a small town in boyertown gilbertsville, pennsylvania, making it to the nfl stage and playing for two super bowls rings possible that's awesome. >> devlin owes his success to one thing. no quit attitude. something he learned very young. >> i mean anything is attainable if you believe in yourself and work really really hard for it. never believe in those people that doubt you, that say you know you're not good enough. you're not big enough, strong enough, fast enough. because you can change those thing. you just got to control what you can control and show up to work.
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>> reporter: his work ethic on the field propelled the success here at boyertown. but for high school defensive coach rich burkett it was something else. >> i've been around this game -- each coached for 46 years. it's tough to find kids who really love the game. kids play the game. they enjoy the game. >> that love which began in boyertown. >> a special place in my heart. that's where i met my wife. just playing high school there and friday night lights i have great memories of that. >> reporter: in houston covering the super bowl, bill rohrer fox 29 news. and it will be a cold weekend here locally but in houston for the super bowl temperatures are going to be in the 70s. we'll talk about the bitter coldings the weekend update and, yes n super bowl forecast. it's dry, it's quiet but it is cold. we have winds out of the west northwest continuing to usher in some of the that colder kind of arctic air headed right for us. the coldest day of the weekend will be saturday. that high pressure right on top of us. we'll keep a lot of sunshine but
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once again, it is going to be cold. temperatures right now, 30 in trenton. 33 millville and atlantic city. wildwood and dover 34. 19 right now in the poconos. those are the air temperatures. you really have to factor in that wind hoe your body reacts how you should dress stepping out to dinner maybe to check out movie tonight. it feel like 23 in philadelphia right now. 26 what it feels like in millville. it feels like 18 in allentown so as we go hour by hour, by tomorrow morning, your saturday morning, take look at future feels like temperatures. two is what it will feel like at 7:00 a.m. three mount pocono we're moving toward the i-95 corridor feels like temperatures around 9 degrees. but temperatures will start to kind of up tick over the next several days. tomorrow's high 34. 43 on sunday. not as harsh. monday upper 40s. right around 50 on tuesday. tuesday into wednesday it will be milder but once again we're watching some moisture kind of stream toward our area.
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so it will be a little unsettled. it looks like a half an inch to an inch of rainfall tuesday through wednesday across the area. and then behind that system, it turns colder again. so that super bowl forecast, tailgate temperatures once again it will be in the 70s. look at this. beautiful weather. maybe a spotty shower still kind of watching that forecast to see about that retractible roof. kick off forecast 6:30, 7 degrees. mostly cloudy once again very mild. for us it will be cold tonight. crank the heat. teens to 20. single digits to teens. feels like temperatures by tomorrow morning 34 degrees much that's it for the high temperature tomorrow. rebounding temperatures, nearing 60 by wednesday but once again we're talking about that wet pattern and then take look at next thursday and friday. back to the 30s. back over to you. >> all right, scott, thanks. well the eagles of course not in the super bowl but that doesn't stop the excitement for sunday's big game at one local elementary school. the kids at saint mary magdalene
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in wilmington held a pep rally for atlanta falcons linebacker paul worrilow. worrilow attended that same school before going to concord university and then totter university of delaware and now of course the nfl and he'll be playing with another local product matty ryan. >> that's right. >> exciting. >> big game. big game. i don't know if you heard we have it right here. >> really? >> on fox. >> that's correct. >> not hear that. >> a lot of stuff happening in houston including we caught up with eagles quarterback carson wentz down in houston this afternoon and asked him how close the eagles are to competing for a playoff spot next year. we have his answer and like i just said super bowl li going down on sunday right here on fox 29. i give you my prediction to take to the bank next in sports.
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♪ i love that jingle. all right. what else do i love? for eagles quarterback carson wentz down in houston courtesy of nrg energy a lot to learn about energy that comes when you make a super bowl. from the press conferences all week to the ticket requests the experience is extremely valuab valuable. also part of that experience is being able to watch tom brady and matt ryan two of the best at his position compete for a lombardi trophy. >> the way they're so composed all the time and that's tom things at the same time there's plenty of big plays there. falcons offense they're very balanced. two running backs do a great job and matt has played on point all year. they're both really fun to
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watch. we'll see what happens. >> of course, wentz enjoys the festivities but would rather be suiting up instead of being a spectator. >> being here and watching the playoff games from my house it's like, man, i don't ever want to have this feeling again. i want to be playing into january and maybe even into february, you know, sometime soon. it's just making me that much nor hungry. >> in order to compete for a soup pell wentz understands there's steps to take and more plays need to be made throughout the season. >> i think this team is real close to just going to super bowl to make the playoffs we were so close in so many games. one or to two plays in multiple games we could have been ten and sick. what i mean. that's football. i'm not making excuses at the end of the day we're real close and got good pieces in place. >> hopefully next year. now it's time to beat my chest that's right after a solid two-zero performance during championship weekend i give you my supper bowl 51 prediction to
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take to the bank. folks i got the falcons, all right, easy for me. they have a powerful passing a tack led by one of the most dynamic receivers we've ever seen suit up in the nfl mr. julio jones. i expect atlanta run game to compliment matt ryan passing game and the falcons within an absolute close 1-a classic, guys, 28-24. >> it look like you're taking the over. >> if you're so inclined. >> there it is. >> for entertainment persons only. >> we shall see. >> coming up tonight at 10:00 it was a bar a local family owned for decades then it closed. now a man is fulfilling his late mother's wish that the building serve as something other than a place to just grab a drink. >> that does it for us tonight at 6:00 o'clock. >> we'll see you back here at 10:00 o'clock. have a great night. inside edition is up next.
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>> breaking her silence. what the passenger who says she was kicked off a plane for showing too much cleavage wants everyone to know. >> i was extremely humiliated. >> then chaos at chuck e. cheese. >> there's a fight that broke out. we have people fighting. >> a popular place for birthday parties. kids love going there. but is chuck e. cheese serving too much booze. >> how about corona light. >> "inside edition" investigates. >> and another big exclusive. on the tenth anniversary of her death, the infamous anna nicole smith clown video that shocked the world. >> i don't know. >> stoned. drugged out. and putting on clown makeup. >> i think


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